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R Rare Adoption Books for Adults refer to books that offer additional information about adoption that has been compiled and approved by domestic, late-discovery, transracial, and overseas adult adoptees.

This rare collection unearths unique perspectives, insights, or information about adoption that you will not find in books written by adoptive parents or profiteers from what has become an international billion-dollar industry known as the global child market to most of the world.  This collection also shares narratives from family members separated by adoption worldwide, including parents of loss.

Adoption: What You Should Know

How Did Adoption Start in Seoul, Korea?

The reader will be fascinated by what adopted activists say about human rights violations, search and reunion, identity formation, transracial or transnational adoption, and the life-long aftermath into the adopted person’s elder years.

These stories reveal the additional burdens adopted people are forced to contend with, including the psychological, emotional, social, and legal aspects and lifelong impact of adoption.
These are concerns and issues adoptive parents should not have the authority to speak on, and the profitable child market itself has yet to address.

Guest Author and Adoption Historian  Janine Vance

Janine Vance

Janine is the pioneering curator of an anthology titled Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, spotlighting the experiences of adult adoptees from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.
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Adoption History is important

Adoption History

Discover the history of adoption in a condensed book meant to help you see the topic in an organized manner. This research book has been divided into four short, easy-to-read sections: revealing the making of the system throughout time, starting in Europe, America, Asia, and today finally, in Africa.

Adoption History by Janine Myung Ja

Adoption Yesterday

The childhood adoption story of the founders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN).

Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption

Adoption Today

What are adopted people and family members separated by adoption saying today? Read Adoption Quotes from members of the Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Information Network.

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Adoption Around the World

Adoption from the view of adoptees is very different from the industry of adoption and the adoptive family. Some adoptees never voice questions about where they were born, the circumstances of their birth, and their curiosity about their first family. There are, however, those who are voicing questions, demanding answers, and questioning the direction of the adoption industry today.

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Adoptionland Editorial Review

"Highly recommended for libraries in areas where adoptions are common; highly recommended for universities where students are researching both the long-term effects of being given up for adoption, and growing up adopted. I cannot praise this book enough."
--Lorraine Author of A Hole In My Heart

Adoption Books for Adults

*Did you know that 100% of all adult adoptees in the United States and around the world surveyed in 2019 believed they should have access to their adoption documents and original birth certificates if they so wish? However, due to antiquated adoption laws developed and refined by pioneering evangelicals, adoptees--even into their elder years--are not permitted access to information that all other humans on earth are able to obtain for themselves.

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