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Rare Adoption Books by Janine Vance

About Curator of Rare Adoption Books, Janine Vance

International multi-award-winning recipient and gold-medalist author Rev. Dr. Janine Vance, Philosophy, has written numerous books in the genres of memoir, anthology, history, politics, and self-help. Vance has been interviewed in newspapers, television, and radio from Seattle, Washington in the United States to Seoul, South Korea, including BBC Radio, Northwest Afternoon, Huffington Post, Northwest Asian Weekly, Dong-A Ilbo, and Chosun.

Janine VANCE Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults

Between 1984 -2021, Janine provided full-time care for her adoptive father, a former aerospace engineer, after a traumatic brain injury from a hang-gliding accident that impacted his speech, sight, balance, and fine and gross motor control skills. During this time, Vance researched her personal adoption experience, which expanded to a deep dive into the history and ultimately led to a bird’s eye view of the entire adoption landscape.

“Information is Your Secret Superpower.”

Author & Historian, Janine Vance

A memoir-writing consultant and book doctor, Janine believes that every human has an important story to share, and history needs to be written by the people most impacted by it. Readers have called Vance’s personal books “great help when things are spiraling,” “peaceful,” “a gentle reminder,” “uplifting,” and “highly recommended.”

Vance is a proponent of the human-rights-based investigational agency, Against Child Trafficking (ACT), Europe. As a Director of ACT in the USA, Janine launched a ground-breaking Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium with the help of her twin to bring attention to the intersection between child trafficking and international adoption.