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Rare Adoption Books from Adult Adoptees
"If you are interested in the Rare Adoption Books Collective, you do not need to search for them in specialized bookstores, online marketplaces for used or out-of-print books, or through adoption-related organizations or support groups. It is available right here."
Founder, Author, and Creator of Rare Adoption Books, Janine Vance

Rare Adoption Books for Adults refer to books that are hard to find or are out of print and cover specific topics related to adult adoptees and families separated because of adoption. This rare collection may offer unique perspectives, insights, or information that may not be readily available in more common adoption literature.

Janine VANCE Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults

Janine VANCE Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults

Rare Adoption Books for Adults, compiled by Dr. Rev. Janine Vance, covers various aspects of adoption, such as personal memoirs or stories of adult adoptees and parents and families of loss (because of adoption) from around the globe. This collection also delves into the psychological, emotional, social, and legal aspects of adult adoption, including the history from around the world, human rights violations, search and reunion, identity formation, transracial or transnational adoption, open adoption, and more.

It's always a good idea to do thorough research to ensure that the sources you find are reputable and reliable. Not from those who work in the adoption industry.

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Who needs information on International Adoption? Adoption Books for Adults are specifically for couples who want to adopt * Social Workers * Government Ministries and Officials * Lawyers * Adopted People * Birth & First Parents * Child Protection Agencies * Counselors* Investigative Agencies * Orphanage Owners * Tribes and Rural Communities * Minorities * Poverty-Stricken families * Single and Young Parents * Global Overseas Partners and Organizations Against Human Trafficking * Parents and Grandparents * Search Angels and Family Reunification Agencies * Missionaries * Accrediting Associations * Fathers Rights Groups *Anyone Serving Families and Children"

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