What Are the Exclusive Adoption Concerns That You Should Not Ignore?

adminFounder, Author, & Historian, Janine Vance

While international adoption may be a popular choice, some concerning ethical practices are often overlooked.

Has the global man-made market for children exploited mothers, fathers, families, and communities? Gain a bird’s-eye view of the hidden side of the practice here.

The pioneers who built and profited from the industry continue to deny adoptees access to documents that could lead them back to their families. This book protects you against adoption profiteers and traffickers who profess God is on their side. It summarizes the inception and expansion of the adoption industry, focusing on its roots and consequences kept from public awareness. Discover the history of adoption from another angle–a view adoption agencies will never tell you. The findings have been called mind-blowing!

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How would you like to be given a new identity to live by and then removed from your sisters and brothers–never to be legally permitted to contact them again–even upon your deathbed?

This is just one of many red tape adoptees are forced to contend with because of adoption. This research book has been divided into four short, easy-to-read sections, revealing the making of the current child welfare system throughout time: starting in Europe (referred to as the European Child Migration Schemes); then spreading to America (known as the Orphan Train Movement); into Asia (called the Evangelical Baby “Swoop” Era), to what’s trending today: Africa.

Inspired by a Haitian adoptee who died of heart failure after learning that he had been trafficked to France for overseas adoption but was never able to acquire justice due to the public’s love affair with the practice.

The author is a co-founder of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Information Network. This is an adoptee-led forum; it is entirely rooted in equal rights for adoptees and refuses to accept any funding from the lobbying efforts of profitable multi-million dollar adoption agencies. The co-founders are adopted people and are affiliated politically as “Independents.” These books are NOT recommended for adoption profiteers, anti-abortion fundamentalists, evangelicals, or individuals against equal rights for adult adoptees.