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Master Adoption: Empowerment Rooted in the Law of Nature explores the concept of adoption in a wholly unique way.

This rare and insightful volume provides readers with a new perspective on the experience of adoption and the ways in which it shapes our lives and identities.

Janine Myung Ja, an adoptee herself, draws from her personal journey and extensive research to deliver a thought-provoking and engaging work that sheds light on the complex emotions and experiences that accompany adoption. Through the use of compelling anecdotes, expert insights, and practical exercises, she guides readers towards a deeper understanding of their own adoption experience and how it can be a source of empowerment and strength.

Master Adoption: Empowerment Rooted in the Law of Nature by Janine Myung Ja

“Master Adoption” is not just a book for adoptees – it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in personal growth and self-discovery.

By exploring the powerful theme of adoption, Janine Myung Ja has created a work that speaks to the universal human experience of searching for identity and purpose. Her words are a powerful call to action, urging readers to claim their authentic power and live their lives with purpose and intention.

With its rare insights and powerful message, “Master Adoption” is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their true potential and live their most fulfilling life. Whether you are an adoptee or simply someone searching for deeper meaning in your life, this book will guide you toward greater self-awareness, healing, and empowerment.

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This rare collection unearths unique perspectives, insights, or information about adoption that you will not find in books written by adoptive parents or profiteers from what has become an international billion-dollar industry known as the global child market to most of the world. The collection of numerous perspectives covers the diverse narratives of adoptees, a bird’s eye view on the history of adoption, hidden aspects of adoption that industry leaders want you to stay in the dark about, and even Vance’s private childhood adoption story. These books also share narratives from family members separated by adoption worldwide, including parents-of-loss. Stories the industry does not want you to hear about.

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