What is Behind Adoption? An Exclusive Inside Examination of What Agencies Don’t Want You to Know.

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Unveiling 7 Adoption Industry Tactics: Empowering Expectant Mothers to Make Informed Choices The adoption industry is a complex and multi-faceted arena that impacts the lives of parents, adoptive families, and, most importantly, the children involved. Many unethical adoption practices go unreported, and there are also concerning tactics that have been reported that exploit vulnerable situations. In this article, we will … Read More

A Transformative and Powerful Book For Adopted People.

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Master Adoption: Empowerment Rooted in the Law of Nature explores the concept of adoption in a wholly unique way. This rare and insightful volume provides readers with a new perspective on the experience of adoption and the ways in which it shapes our lives and identities. Janine Myung Ja, an adoptee herself, draws from her personal journey and extensive research … Read More

What Are the Exclusive Adoption Concerns That You Should Not Ignore?

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While international adoption may be a popular choice, some concerning ethical practices are often overlooked. Has the global man-made market for children exploited mothers, fathers, families, and communities? Gain a bird’s-eye view of the hidden side of the practice here. The pioneers who built and profited from the industry continue to deny adoptees access to documents that could lead them … Read More