What is Adoption Trafficking?

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What is Adoption Trafficking?

Adoption trafficking, also known as illegal adoption or child trafficking for adoption, refers to the illegal and unethical practice of trafficking or buying and selling children for the purpose of adoption. It involves the exploitation of vulnerable children, often from developing countries or marginalized communities, for financial gain.

Adoption trafficking can take various forms, such as falsifying documents, coercion, deception, or abduction, to obtain children for adoption.

This can involve bribing or coercing vulnerable parents or other individuals involved in the adoption process, such as adoption agencies, adoptive parents, lawyers, or government officials, to facilitate the illegal adoption of children. In some cases, children may be abducted or trafficked without the knowledge or consent of their parents, and their identities and documents may be falsified to make them appear legally adoptable.

What You Should Know Before Adopting

Adoption trafficking is considered a serious human rights violation as it violates the rights of the child and their biological parents. It can result in separation from the child’s family and community, loss of cultural identity, and other long-term physical, emotional, and psychological consequences for the child.

The Intersection Between Child Trafficking and International Adoption.

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