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Among a collection of numerous written works, Janine Vance authored "The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption" and "Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption."

Janine VANCE Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults

Janine VANCE Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults

Vance has been interviewed from Seattle to Seoul and featured in newspapers, magazines, on television and radio since 2003, including BBC, Delphi International, Huffington Post, Dong-A Ilbo, Chosun, Brainz Magazine, Northwest Asian Weekly, and The Northwest Afternoon Show.

Janine has written several books and feature-length screenplays, exploring the intersection between child trafficking and overseas adoption, the impact of adoption on adoptees and their families, and the larger cultural, social, and political issues surrounding the industry. Janine's books have been awarded first place in Adventure and gold and silver in the categories of Gov/Politics, Social Issues, and Non-Fiction Anthology.

In addition to being an author, Janine Vance is an advocate for inherent human rights. She co-founded Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network in 2011 with her twin, which aims to provide a place for overseas, transracial, domestic, and late-discovery adoptees, families separated by adoption, and parents of loss to discuss adoption-related issues. Janine also directed the pioneering Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium for Against Child Trafficking in 2022.

Janine writes about her personal adoption experience and philosophy using her maiden adoptive name Janine Vance. To learn more about her, visit Janinevance.com. To learn about Janine’s study on the history of adoption, visit adoptionhistory.org.

Adoption Books for Adults

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Adoption Books for Adults

"Janine has well researched and presented the difficult and often silenced truths about international adoption, its history, the damage it does on every possible level, and some of the progress being made. I admire her courage in speaking publicly to a society in which the ideas of 'beautiful adoption' have been marketed for decades. Her writing is both informative and personal, bringing a strong humanizing element to the subject where so many people have been dehumanized in the process."

Kinney, Mental Health Professional

"May this be a step along the road of restoring human rights to adoptees and their first families both internationally and domestically (U.S.)"

Kinney, Mental Health Professional

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